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Filming, to be released 2021

Oh, this movie... Lots of explosions, helicopters, and hilarious torture scenes.  It’s when FBI agents, cartel members, terrorists, a YouTube prankster, a couple on a blind date, and a legitimate psycho - unbeknownst to them - all meet at the same place to take care of business.   This hot mess is coming soon...  ready or not.  
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Neon Days

Available now on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Fandango, and most every other streaming platform.

SEAN GAMSEY-An atypical psychologist helping a troubled young man come to terms with the truth, as art intersects life. 
Also, there is a skating rink. 
And a sloth.
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No Ordinary Love

Filming, to be released 2021

MICHAEL JEFFRIES - A pastor determined to keep his household - and wife - in line, using the bible as both his sword and shield.   
Trigger warning: This is a story about various forms of abuse, and does not hold back.


Filming, to be released 2021

PREACHER - Part sage philosopher, part menace to a post-apocalyptic society, he must lead his flock of followers to the sanctuary away from the deadly Companions roaming the earth.
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The Challenger Disaster

Available now on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Fandango, Red Box and Google Play.

ADAM - A hot-headed engineer determined to delay the launch of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.

SAG-eligible actor Dallas Texas