Recent & Upcoming Projects

ALEX (Fustercluck):  An FBI Agent up against the clock to prevent a suspected terrorist from blowing up the town square during a small town Christmas parade.

     Post-production, to be released 2020
SEAN GAMSY (Neon Days):  A seasoned psychologist helping a
troubled young man explore his past, present & future with a new outlook on life.
     Film festival circuit, to be released 2020
MICHAEL JEFFRIES (No Ordinary Love):  An old-school charismatic evangelical preacher set on keeping his family in line with traditional values, no matter the cost.
     Film festival circuit, to be released 2020

PREACHER (Companion):  Part sage philosopher, part menace to a post-apocalyptic society, he must lead his flock of followers to the sanctuary away from the deadly Companions roaming the earth.

     Filming, to be released 2021

ADAM (The Challenger Disaster):  A hot-headed engineer determined to delay the launch of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.
     Available now on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Fandango, Red Box, and
     Google Play.
Eric Hanson, actor, Dallas Texas